Content Creation Policy

Content Creation Policy

At DrHouse, we recognize the essential nature of accurate, timely, and reliable medical content, and we are committed to providing high-quality information to our readers. This policy outlines our strict standards and transparent practices in content creation.


This policy seeks to clarify our processes and standards, ensuring our audience can trust what they read.

Mission and Vision

Our mission at DrHouse is to revolutionize healthcare by making it more accessible, informed, and patient-centered. We envision a world where quality healthcare is not a luxury but a standard.

Our content plays an important role in this vision. Our comprehensive blog aims to demystify complex medical concepts, provide insights into emerging health trends, and offer guidance on common health concerns. Every article, video, and infographic is a step closer to our vision of an informed and empowered user base.

Target Audience

The content on the DrHouse website caters to all individuals seeking reliable health information. Whether it’s somebody living with a chronic condition, a concerned family member, a patient looking to understand their diagnosis, or someone looking to improve their overall well-being, our content is tailored to meet their needs and be informative and accessible to all. We strive to present information in an engaging and easily digestible format that caters to all levels of medical knowledge.


While our content is crafted and reviewed by medical professionals and experts in the field, it’s essential to note that the information provided on the DrHouse website is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Content Creation Process

Our content creation process is driven by the desire to provide readers with accurate, relevant, and actionable medical information. Every stage is crucial, with multiple layers of vetting, refining, and validation to ensure the highest quality.

Choosing Topics

  • User Needs and Queries: We constantly monitor user feedback and questions on DrHouse to identify the most pressing and commonly sought-after topics.
  • Patient statistics: We look at the most common conditions and health concerns affecting a large percentage of our patients.
  • Content Gaps: By regularly reviewing our existing content library, we pinpoint areas that may need more in-depth coverage or new topics that haven’t been addressed.
  • Diverse Representation: We strive to ensure that the health concerns of diverse populations, including lesser-covered conditions and treatments, find a voice on our platform.
  • Trends and emerging topics: We keep a close eye on evolving health trends and medical advancements to cover relevant and timely topics.
  • Expert input: Our team of medical professionals and experts regularly contributes ideas for new content based on their expertise and current medical advancements.

Researching Topics

  • Reputable Sources: Our writers primarily rely on peer-reviewed journals, clinical studies, medical associations, and expert interviews to gather data.
  • Cross-Verification: Every piece of information is cross-referenced with multiple reputable sources to ensure factual accuracy.
  • Continuous Learning: Our editorial team attends webinars, seminars, and conferences to stay updated with the latest in medical science and health communication.

Drafting and Editing

  • Expertise-Driven Writing: While our medical writers are knowledgeable, they also collaborate closely with medical experts during the drafting phase to ensure technical accuracy and clarity.
  • User-Centric Approach: Every article is written with the reader in mind, ensuring it’s both informative and easy to understand. We avoid excessive jargon, opting for clear and concise language.
  • Multiple Editing Rounds: After drafting, each piece goes through several rounds of edits for clarity, coherence, and readability. This rigorous process ensures content is both comprehensive and user-friendly.

Reviewing Content

  • Medical Expert Review: Before publication, all content undergoes a stringent review by our team of medical reviewers, which consists of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. They verify the information, ensuring it aligns with current medical standards and practices.
  • Feedback Loop: Post-review, the content is sent back to the writer for any necessary revisions. This iterative process continues until the piece meets our high standards.
  • Final Approval: Only once a piece has been thoroughly vetted and polished does it receive approval for publication on DrHouse.

Editorial Standards

Our editorial standards reflect our commitment to providing accurate, trustworthy content to our readers.


  • Fact-Checking Regimen: Every claim is cross-referenced against multiple reputable medical sources.
  • Medical Peer Review: Content undergoes evaluation by several medical professionals to validate its accuracy.
  • Statistical Validation: Statistics, graphs, and data are reviewed for factual accuracy and correct representation.
  • Feedback Incorporation: Corrections and clarifications suggested by our readers are investigated and incorporated as appropriate.


  • Full Disclosure: Our writers disclose any potential conflicts of interest and provide sources for all claims made in the content.
  • No Endorsements: We do not endorse specific treatments, products, or companies. Any mention of these is solely for informational purposes.
  • Clarifying Terminology: Where medical jargon is used, explanations or glossaries are provided for clarity.
  • Transparent Editorial Process: Our content creation process, including writer and reviewer identities, is disclosed where relevant.
  • Clear Correction Policy: If errors are identified post-publication, our correction process is made transparent to our readers.


  • Neutral Stance: We maintain neutrality, especially on controversial topics, presenting all perspectives fairly.
  • Eliminating Bias: Regular training sessions are conducted for our team to recognize and counteract biases.
  • Diverse Voices: We ensure content represents diverse perspectives, including those of minority groups and marginalized communities.

Sources and Citation Policy

  • Premium Sourcing Standards: Our primary sources include top-tier medical journals, research institutions, and clinical studies.
  • Transparent Reference Links: Direct links to sources are provided, facilitating easy verification for readers.
  • Citation Consistency: A standardized citation format is used throughout our content for consistency.
  • Periodic Source Audits: We periodically review and validate our list of approved sources.


  • Adapting to Medical Trends: Our team ensures content aligns with current medical trends and guidelines.
  • Addressing Current Events: We respond to global health events or concerns, producing timely content.
  • Coverage Breadth: We ensure that common and rare health topics are on our platform.

Freshness and Updating Content

  • Scheduled Content Audits: All content undergoes regular reviews to keep it updated.
  • Documenting Updates: Along with timestamps, we provide detailed update logs when content changes significantly.
  • Regular Feedback Loops: Our team revisits articles frequently based on new insights or user feedback.
  • Prioritizing Core Content: Core or foundational articles receive more frequent reviews and updates.


  • Strict Selection Process: Potential writers undergo tests, interviews, and background checks.
  • Continuous Learning: Writers are provided with resources, courses, and seminars to stay updated.
  • Ethical Training: Writers receive training in medical ethics and responsible reporting.
  • Collaborative Environment: Writers work closely with medical experts and peers for content refinement.

Medical Experts

  • Comprehensive Credential Verification: Expert collaborators are vetted extensively for their expertise and contributions.
  • Hands-On Involvement: Experts are deeply involved in content creation, not just review.
  • Regular Panel Updates: Our panel of experts is reviewed and updated regularly to maintain diversity and relevance.
  • Collaborative Feedback Mechanisms: Feedback loops between experts, writers, and editors ensure high-quality content.

Ethics and Transparency

At DrHouse, our commitment to ethical principles and transparency is unwavering. Our audience deserves clarity in the medical information we provide and how we operate and make editorial decisions. Here’s a comprehensive dive into our ethical guidelines and our pledge to transparent operations:

Upholding Medical Integrity

  • Patient Privacy: We never use personal patient stories or details without explicit consent, and when we do, utmost care is taken to anonymize information to uphold patient confidentiality.
  • Beneficence Principle: We strive to produce content that benefits our readers, avoiding any harm or misrepresentation.
  • Declaration of Interests: All our contributors, be they writers or medical experts, are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest.

Ensuring Transparent Operations

  • Open Review Process: We make our content review process accessible, allowing readers to understand how content is vetted and by whom.
  • Feedback Channels: We encourage readers to share feedback, concerns, or suggestions.
  • Sponsorship and Advertising: We do not accept any form of sponsorship or advertising whatsoever, making sure our content remains free of any bias.
  • Content Licensing: Our content usage policies are transparent, providing clear guidelines for those wishing to share or republish our work.

Commitment to Fair Representation

  • Diverse Voices: We prioritize inclusivity, ensuring that content represents a broad spectrum of voices, experiences, and backgrounds.
  • Sensitive Content Guidelines: We have stringent guidelines for handling sensitive or potentially triggering topics, ensuring they’re approached with care and respect.
  • Non-discrimination Pledge: We commit to non-discriminatory practices, ensuring content is free from biases related to race, gender, age, or any other defining characteristic.

Transparency in Corrections

  • Error Handling: If inaccuracies are identified in our content post-publication, we commit to timely corrections.
  • Continuous Improvement: We view mistakes as learning opportunities, continuously refining our editorial processes based on past lessons.