Can a Gynecologist treat a UTI?

Experiencing vaginal infections may have you questioning what the best methods of dealing with them are.

Whether or not a gynecologist will treat your UTI will depend on the condition, and you may be referred elsewhere depending on the patient. 

Typically, gynecologists may help to treat your symptoms, as well as aid you in preventing future infections.

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What Is a UTI?

A UTI or urinary tract infection is the result of bacteria entering the body through the urinary tract. From there, the bacteria may cause inflammation in the urethra, the bladder, or the kidneys. 

These infections are called Urethritis, Cystitis, and Pyelonephritis, and may require different levels of treatment, as they display possibly different symptoms. While it may not be easy to diagnose which condition you are experiencing yourself, a professional healthcare provider can help and treat them.

Can Gynecologists Treat UTIs?

While not all UTIs will need to be seen or treated by a professional healthcare provider, it’s important that you make an appointment under certain circumstances. In the event you need to see a healthcare provider, a gynecologist can help treat a UTI.

Your treatment may vary depending on the severity of your infection, or your gynecologist may refer you to a different healthcare professional if required. However, most cases of UTI will be treated with a course of antibiotics.

When Should You Go to a Gynecologist?

UTIs are incredibly common infections that aren’t always a cause for alarm. Roughly 10 in 25 women will experience UTI symptoms at some point in their lifetime, and the majority of cases will have no long-term symptoms or effects. With that said, if your symptoms seem severe, and aren’t getting better over the period of a few days, you should consider making an appointment with your gynecologist. It’s important that you stay hydrated for the duration of your symptoms, as that can help to reduce the pain, inflammation, and odor – but antibiotics prescribed by a healthcare professional are the best course of action.

Can OBGYNs Treat UTIs?

Yes, if you’ve been experiencing burning sensations when urinating, have noticed a change in vaginal discharge, as well as an unpleasant odor when urinating – you can make an appointment with an OBGYN to seek treatment for your potential urinary tract infection. As mentioned before, if your symptoms haven’t cleared up within a few days, show no signs of improvement, or are unbearable – you need to seek treatment immediately. 

Where to Find Help For a UTI?

Getting the best treatment available to you is important for all conditions, which is why it’s important that you know where to turn in the event that you experience a UTI. With that said, UTIs are usually treated with prescribed antibiotics, so there are a number of healthcare professionals you can rely on in the event that you need one.

Primary Care Physician

Your primary care physician can be a reliable source of help when you’re experiencing a UTI, and if you’re able to make an appointment with them quickly, you can get your treatment sooner. With that said, you may find that there’s a waiting list that’s longer than your condition may last, or longer than you’re able to wait.

If your symptoms aren’t able to be treated by a simple course of antibiotics, your primary care physician may refer you to either a gynecologist or a urologist depending on your case. 

Urgent Care

If you’re in urgent need of treatment, you should always seek out urgent care as soon as possible. Your treatment can begin on the same day, and the sooner you receive your antibiotics, the sooner your symptoms can clear up. 

It’s worth noting that while your symptoms may be intense, they won’t always be linked to a UTI. There are a number of conditions that can cause a burning sensation when urinating, as well as unpleasant vaginal odors, so you may have to undergo a urine test to determine the best course of action before receiving your treatment.


Urologists typically treat patients who experience a number of conditions that affect the urethra, and they can help with a number of your symptoms. Difficulty urinating, or urinating accompanied by a burning pain are symptoms that your urologist will see and treat, however, you may find that infections in the bladder or kidneys may be better treated elsewhere. If it’s outside of your urologist’s expertise, you’ll be referred to another healthcare professional to handle the treatment.

Online Doctor

Waiting isn’t always the best course of action, and urgent care isn’t easily available for everyone, especially if you’re feeling a lot of discomforts. When you need to speak to a healthcare professional within the hour, an online doctor can be made available to you and may help you to diagnose your symptoms. With this, you can also receive an online referral or prescription for antibiotics that you should take for the entire course – else your symptoms may return.

The time it takes for you to get an appointment with your online doctor will depend on the care plan that you’ve signed up for, but it can be applied for and paid for in a short amount of time. Like a primary care physician, your insurance will also help to cover a portion of the cost. Whether you need urgent care or a checkup with a doctor, virtual care can be just as effective as a physical appointment for many different conditions.

How Can DrHouse Help You?

DrHouse is a reliable online doctor service that you can turn to for UTI treatment and other medical care. With the help of our experienced doctors, we’re here to provide our patients with the best possible treatments available from the comfort of their own homes.

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Key Takeaways

A urinary tract infection can be treated in a number of ways, and won’t always need a specialist to diagnose and suggest the best course of treatment for your condition.

If your chosen healthcare provider is unable to treat your condition, you will be referred to the correct healthcare provider.

You can receive quick diagnosis and treatment via a virtual healthcare provider, making it convenient to handle uncomfortable infections without a waiting list.


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