Instant UTI Relief: Top 5 Ways To Get Immediate Relief

At some point in their lifetime, almost all women will experience a UTI. They are one of the most common infections that women will experience, and they can be a real nuisance. Especially when you take into consideration the amount of discomfort that they can cause. 

If you are suffering from a UTI, then managing the infection is key. Not all UTIs will need medical intervention, and very often they will be harmless. However, if you do not manage your UTI then it can be a real nightmare, causing discomfort in many different ways. From the frequent need to urinate to pain when urinating, there are lots of symptoms of UTIs that can really cause problems when it comes to day-to-day life. 

Catching UTIs early is a great way to relieve the symptoms and minimize the inconvenience. The easiest way to catch a UTI early is to get familiar with your body. If you spot the early symptoms of a UTI, then these top tips can really help ease the symptoms and relieve your UTI. 

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1. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

A lot of the clothes that are in fashion currently are tight-fitting. Specifically, skin-tight jeans have been in fashion for a number of years now, but tight-fitting clothes can actually make your UTI worse. Specifically tight-fitting underwear and pants. 

Loose-fitting clothes are much better for when you are suffering from a UTI as they will not irritate your genitalia area. Tight-fitting clothes can cause that area to become warm and stuffy and this can actually exacerbate the symptoms of a UTI and lead to secondary infections. 

To relieve your UTI symptoms, wear loose-fitting clothes, and also pants, and underwear that are made of cotton. Cotton is a breathable fabric and this can help keep the genital area cool and dry, reducing the risk of UTIs and relieving any infections that you are already suffering from. 

2. Urinate Frequently

If you are suffering from a UTI, then it can make you feel like you constantly need to go for a pee. For many working women, this can be one of the biggest inconveniences of a UTI as it can really interfere with your life and schedule. 

But urinating frequently can actually help cleanse your system and ease your UTI. Every time you urinate, you will be expelling bacteria and unwanted organisms from your system, and it is these that cause the UTI. So drinking lots of water and letting this pass through your system via frequent urination is a great way to clear your UTI quicker. 

However, take care in what liquids you consume. Alcohol and caffeine can actually irritate the urinary tract and exacerbate your UTI. So, instead, stick with water while you are suffering from a UTI as this is a clean liquid that will really help clean your system out. 

3. Take a Sitz Bath

Baths can be really great when you are dealing with UTIs. Specifically, sitz baths are great for relieving symptoms and discomfort. 

A Sitz bath is great as it specifically targets your genitalia. It essentially consists of a very shallow bath with warm water which will clean your genitalia while you soak in the water. You can take a Sitz bath in your bathtub, or you can get Sitz bath kits that mount onto your toilet if you do not have a bathtub. 

If your UTI is causing irritation to your genitalia such as itching, then a Sitz bath is perfect for relieving these symptoms. Alternatively, if your symptoms tend to be targeted at your tummy (such as stomach pain), then a deep warm bath might be better for easing these symptoms.

4. Use a Heating Pad

Heat is great for relieving any abdominal pain, and that is why a lot of women use heat pads to relieve period pain at certain points in their cycle. You can also use heating pads to relieve symptoms of your UTI

Abdominal cramps are a very common symptom of UTIs, and they are often one of the most painful symptoms too. Stomach cramps can really damage your plans for the day and they can even be debilitating at times. But a heating pad will help relieve these symptoms, allowing you to go about your business as normal. 

5. Speak to a Doctor

Even though not all UTIs will need medical treatment, it is still best to consult with your doctor very early on if you suspect that you may be suffering from a UTI. If you start to experience symptoms, you should visit your doctor and they will be able to do a urinalysis. 

With the results of this test, your doctor will be able to give you medical advice on how to treat your UTI. They may recommend that you take a course of antibiotics, or they may simply recommend some of the tips included in this guide. There are lots of different things that can help relieve your UTI, and your doctor is the best person to provide you with this advice. So always consult with your doctor if you think you have a UTI.

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In short, there are lots of ways to relieve your UTI. The tips included in this guide are great for helping to relieve UTI symptoms, however, you should always seek medical advice if you suspect that you are suffering from a UTI. 


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