How does the DrHouse referral program work?

The DrHouse referral program works by allowing participants to refer friends, family, or acquaintances to the DrHouse platform and earn rewards for successful referrals. Here’s a general overview:

Get Your Invite Link: Participants can find their personalized invite link within the DrHouse app.

Share the Link: Share the invite link with friends, family, or others who may benefit from DrHouse services.

Earn Rewards: When someone uses the participant’s invite link to sign up for and use DrHouse services, the participant may earn rewards.

Redeem Rewards: Participants can typically redeem earned rewards for benefits such as free visits, credits, wellness lab tests, and more.

For more detailed information, specific terms, and instructions on using promo codes, participants are encouraged to refer to the DrHouse website or the DrHouse app.

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