What are the benefits of joining the DrHouse Affiliate Program?

Affiliates in the DrHouse program can benefit from the following incentives:

Commission Rate: DrHouse offers a competitive starting commission rate of $40 for each in-app purchase made through the affiliate’s referral link. This means affiliates earn a $40 commission for each successful sale generated through their referrals.

Cookie Window: The program includes a 30-day cookie window. This allows affiliates to earn a commission on a first purchase made by a referred customer within 30 days of their initial visit.

These benefits provide affiliates with the opportunity to earn commissions for successful referrals and leverage a 30-day window to earn money for purchases made by referred customers. For more details on the DrHouse affiliate program, affiliates are encouraged to review the terms and conditions available on the affiliate program platform or contact the DrHouse affiliate support team at affiliates@drhouse.com.

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