What information should I provide when seeking technical assistance?

When seeking technical assistance from DrHouse, please provide the following information to help our support team efficiently address your concerns:

Account Information: Provide your DrHouse account details, including your phone number or email associated with the Account.

Device Details: Specify the device you are using (iPhone, Android manufacturer, and device name) and its operating system version.

App Version: Mention the version of the DrHouse app you are using. You can find this information in the app settings. Please navigate to Account -> About -> Licenses.

Description of the Issue: Clearly describe the technical issue or problem you are experiencing. Include any error messages if applicable.

Steps to Reproduce: If the issue is reproducible, outline the steps our support team can follow to recreate the problem.

Screenshot or Error Messages: Attach screenshots of any error messages or unexpected behavior you encounter. This visual aid can be valuable for troubleshooting.

Internet Connection Details: Provide information about your internet connection, including whether you are using Wi-Fi or cellular data and the strength of the connection.

Date and Time of Occurrence: Specify when the technical issue occurred, as this information can help identify patterns or potential causes.

Any Recent Changes: Inform our support team of any recent changes, updates, or modifications made to your device or the DrHouse app.

By providing detailed and accurate information, you assist our technical support team in diagnosing and resolving the issue more efficiently. This helps ensure a smoother communication process and faster resolution of technical challenges.

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