How to Get a Prescription Filled Without Insurance?

There is no need to worry for those who need prescription medication but do not have insurance. While health insurance does cover some of the cost of medication, it is not required to get a prescription.

Telemedicine is an advantageous option for those who need a prescription and do not have insurance because, with telemedicine, you can virtually meet with a doctor, have a script written, and order your prescription medicine, no matter if you have insurance or not.

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What Is the Point of Health Insurance?

No one ever intends to get hurt or sick, but it’s one of the unexpected things in life that happens. Health insurance serves to help you out if you find yourself in need of medical services. 

One aspect of health insurance is its coverage of essential health benefits that are critical to maintaining your health and treating any illnesses or accidents you find yourself affected by.

Health insurance also helps to protect you from unexpected, high medical costs. An accident that you find yourself in can end up being very costly in terms of the healthcare you have to pay for, and health insurance helps cover some of that cost so that you are not so overwhelmed by it.

In essence, health insurance is a way to help cover some of the cost of healthcare, making it less of a burden if you find yourself in an unexpected health situation. However, health insurance is not required to receive healthcare.

Can You Get Prescription Drugs Without Insurance?

Health insurance is not necessary to receive healthcare, and so you do not need health insurance in order to get prescription drugs.

The only aspect that health insurance plays a role in with prescription drugs is that it may cover a portion of the cost. As expected, without health insurance, you will simply have to pay the entire price of the medicine since you do not have health insurance to cover a part, or all, of the cost.

How to Get a Prescription Without Insurance?

For those looking for a way to get a prescription without insurance, telemedicine is the easiest way to accomplish this. With telemedicine, you can easily meet with a doctor and order your medicine, all without having to leave your house and with no need for insurance. Unsure where to start with telemedicine? DrHouse is an app that has everything you need for healthcare, and you can follow the below steps to get started.

Download an App

Since you need to meet with a doctor to receive a prescription, you first need to schedule the appointment. Online doctors offer a fast and easy way to meet with a doctor and get the prescription you need.

To meet with an online doctor, you first need to download an app that offers doctor meetings. DrHouse can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

Create a User

Once the app is downloaded, you will have to open it and create an account so that you can use the services offered.

Start Your Visit in Just 15 Minutes

With DrHouse, you can meet with a doctor in as little as 15 minutes; there is never a long wait to speak with a doctor.

Receive Your Prescription

After you and your doctor have discussed the reason for the appointment, your doctor can write you a prescription.

Once you have your prescription, you can go to your local pharmacy and purchase your medication. That’s it!

Getting Medication Without Insurance

Getting prescription medication without insurance has never been easier than it is with the advantages of telemedicine. Telemedicine offers a way to connect with doctors without ever having to leave your house. This saves you the time you would have to spend going to the doctor’s office and the money you spend on gas.

Prescription Refills Without Insurance

Getting a prescription refill without insurance is just as possible and easy as getting the original prescription. In fact, telemedicine is even more appealing with prescription refills because prescription refills are often viewed as a wasted trip to the doctor’s office.

Telemedicine allows you to quickly connect with a doctor to receive your refill, saving you the hassle of traveling all the way to the doctor’s office for an appointment that often lasts less than 5 minutes.

How Much Does It Cost to Refill a Prescription Without Insurance?

Without insurance, you will be paying the entire cost of the medicine, which will vary based on the type of medicine you need.

In addition, those without insurance are often charged the “Usual and Customary Price,” which is the cash price assigned to a medicine by the pharmacy (based on what the company that produces the medicine charges) and may be higher than the price negotiated for an insurance holder.

Don’t let that worry you too much though; in nearly one-fourth of all cases, the price of drugs is actually lower for those without insurance than it is for those with insurance.

Get Your Prescription with DrHouse

Online doctors offer an advantageous way to receive prescriptions, and DrHouse makes it easy for you to connect with a doctor. Without leaving the app you can connect with a board-certified clinician and receive a prescription.

The entire process of receiving prescriptions has been made as simple as possible, even for those without insurance.

Key Takeaways

Health insurance helps to cover some of the cost of medical procedures, treatments, and medications, but it is not required to get a prescription. Telemedicine is a beneficial way for those without insurance to receive a prescription, all within a schedule that works for them.

With DrHouse, you can download an app, set up a profile, and connect with a board-certified clinician, all within 15 minutes.

Prescription refills can also be written within the DrHouse app, making it easy for you to get the refill you need.


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