How Do Virtual Doctor Visits Work?

Virtual doctors are becoming more and more popular in society, which may raise questions about how they work and how they compare to a visit with an in-person doctor. We are going to walk you through all the steps of a virtual doctor’s visit so that you know exactly what to expect. And along the way, you’ll see just how beneficial virtual doctor visits can be.

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What Equipment Do You Need for a Virtual Doctor Visit?

At the most basic level, all you need for a virtual doctor visit is a device, such as a smartphone or a computer, and an internet connection.

If you have a scale or blood pressure monitor, this equipment can also be used during the virtual visit, but there is no need to purchase this if you do not already own it. In addition, those with diabetes should have their blood glucose monitor. Other types of equipment which you may own include thermometers and blood pressure cuffs.

Whatever medical devices you have, if you have any, keep them within reach for your visit in case your doctor would like to record a reading while they are meeting with you.

How Do Virtual Doctor Visits Work?

Let’s go through all the steps of your online doctor visit.

Download a Virtual Doctor Visit App

The first step in scheduling a virtual doctor visit is downloading a virtual doctor app. There are many options, one of which is DrHouse. Simply choose the app you want, download it, and you’re ready to get started.

With DrHouse, you can connect with an online doctor in less than 15 minutes, book an in-person doctor visit and order medications online and get them delivered to your home.

Book Your Time with a Virtual Doctor

Once the app is downloaded, you will want to book your time with a virtual doctor. Just like your in-person doctor, you have to schedule a time. But, the big difference is that with DrHouse, you can get a visit within 15 minutes or less, which is likely faster than it takes you just to drive to a doctor’s office. 

Begin Your Virtual Visit 

At your designated appointment time, open up the app and join your meeting with your virtual doctor. They will go over any information they need and ask you questions such as what warranted a visit with the doctor, any symptoms you may have, etc. 

During your visit, if you have that extra medical equipment we discussed before, your doctor may instruct you on how to use it so that they can gain more information. This may include weighing yourself or checking your blood pressure levels. 

Receive a Prescription If Needed

Virtual doctors can write prescriptions if patients need them, just like any other doctor can. If your doctor determines that a medication may be best for the symptoms you have, or if you need a refill of your medication, they can write a prescription for you so that you can be on your way to feeling better.

Order Medicine Online and Get It Delivered to Your House

DrHouse offers an online pharmacy so that you can order your medication online and have it delivered directly to your house, saving you the hassle of calling it in to a pharmacy and having to go pick it up.

Can a Virtual Doctor Help You with Any Issue?

While virtual doctors cannot help with any issue, they can help with a lot. Of course, during a virtual visit, a doctor cannot listen to your lungs, check your throat or ears, or hear how your heart is beating, so these aspects of a physical visit are missing with a virtual visit. If you need to visit the doctor due to any physical ailments, it is best to schedule an in-person visit.

That being said, virtual appointments are very beneficial for regular check-ups or for follow-up visits where a physical exam is not needed. Virtual appointments are also helpful for those who need a refill on a prescription and don’t want the hassle of traveling somewhere in person.

If you schedule a virtual visit, and your doctor determines that it would be best for you to go see an in-person doctor, for whatever reason, they can pass along that recommendation.

The Benefits of Virtual Doctor Visits

Virtual doctor visits provide many benefits, the most obvious of which is how convenient they are. With DrHouse, you can schedule a doctor visit and meet with the doctor within 15 minutes, something that is impossible with in-person visits. What’s even better is that you never have to leave your house. So, if figuring out transportation is a common problem you have to contend with, virtual visits offer a solution.

Virtual doctor’s visits take up less of your time, which is especially beneficial for those who only need a quick visit, such as to refill a prescription. Virtual visits are also much easier to fit in with a busy schedule, making it easier than ever to prioritize your health.

Key Takeaways

Virtual health services continue to expand in society as technology makes them more available. What once seemed like a thing of the future is now something available to anyone interested. Scheduling a virtual visit has never been easier; simply download an app, schedule a time, and then you’re meeting with a doctor. Virtual doctors can also do the same tasks as an in-person doctor, such as writing prescriptions. Taking care of your health has never been easier, all with the capabilities of virtual medicine.


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