How to Get a Prescription Without a Doctor?

It might seem impossible to get a prescription without a doctor, and in a sense, it is. Legally, you have to meet with a doctor to have a medicine prescribed. However, it is possible to get a prescription written without having to go into the doctor’s office, and this is all thanks to online and virtual doctors.

Virtual doctor service offers a way to connect with a board-certified clinician and get a prescription without having to leave your house, saving you the extra hassle.

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Can a Doctor Prescribe Medication Without Seeing a Patient Physically?

Technology has brought us a long way, making it possible for you to see a doctor without ever having to set foot in a doctor’s office. Not only can you see a doctor virtually, but an online doctor can also prescribe medication without seeing you physically.

The list of conditions which doctors can prescribe medicine for without physically seeing a patient is extensive and can include:

  • Antidepressants
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Psoriasis
  • Heart disease
  • Birth control
  • IBS
  • Infections
  • Acne
  • Rashes
  • Asthma
  • Erectile Dysfunction

There are some instances, however, where a doctor will still need to perform a physical exam to determine what prescription you need, or if you even need one at all.

Can You Get a Prescription Written Online?

An online doctor has received just as much education as an in-person doctor, and as such, can write a prescription for whatever you may need. That being said, there are some instances where a physical exam is necessary to determine if a prescription is needed, but this will depend on the medication.

While you have to speak to a doctor before having a prescription written, there are multiple methods of communication, including phone calls or video conferences. However, if talking on the phone with your doctor, they may want to schedule a video conference or in-person visit before prescribing some medications.

How to Get a Prescription Filled Without Seeing a Doctor?

Telemedicine offers the ability for you to receive a prescription without even seeing a doctor in person. In fact, technology has come so far that you can simply talk to a doctor via phone call or chat window, and they can write a prescription for you based on the answers you provide them. You still speak to a doctor, but there is, in some cases, no need for you to even see them.

DrHouse offers a way to connect you with a board-certified clinician in the following way: 

Download the App

To get a prescription without going to see a doctor, you will first have to visit a website or download an app. You can download the DrHouse app from Google Play or the App Store. Once the app is downloaded you will have to create an account. From there, you can easily schedule an appointment at a time that works with your schedule.

Connect With an Online Doctor in Less Than 15 Minutes

Visiting with a doctor has never been more convenient than it is with DrHouse. Once you have downloaded the app, you can request an appointment with an online doctor and get connected with them in less than 15 minutes.

For those prescriptions that you just realized need to be refilled or a condition that quickly needs attention, the doctors at DrHouse can provide you the assistance you need, all through a mobile app. And with the ability to meet with a doctor in less than 15 minutes, your schedule and needs are put at the forefront of their concerns.

Chat With Your Doctor

Your doctor will take the time to listen to what problems you have, and will likely want to know about any current medications you are taking. If they see a need for a prescription and feel comfortable writing it without performing a physical examination, they will write a prescription for you.

As mentioned previously, there are some cases where a physical exam is required before a prescription can be written. If that is the case, you can schedule an in-person, same-day visit through the DrHouse app so that you can quickly see a doctor and get the prescription you need.

Prescription Refills Without Seeing a Doctor

Sometimes we have an existing prescription that we only need to have refilled. In these cases, telemedicine has been a lifesaver in terms of saving patients and doctors time and money.

Before telemedicine, you had to go all the way to the doctor’s office, setting aside part of your day and potentially having to take off work, just for a 5-minute chat so that you could have your prescription refilled.

With DrHouse, you can request to have a prescription refilled without ever seeing a doctor. In many cases, refills do not require in-depth conversations, if any at all, making online telemedicine ideal to avoid unnecessarily wasting time.

Key Takeaways

Technology has come a long way, and now its benefits are expanding to the world of healthcare. With telemedicine, you can have a prescription written or refilled without ever seeing a doctor.

By downloading the DrHouse app, you can meet with an online doctor within 15 minutes. DrHouse also offers same-day in-person visits if the prescription cannot be written without a physical exam.

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